Our story began in 1848…

Our traditional family-run restaurant is located close to capital city Ljubljana, in a small town of Brezovica. With decades of experience we offer our guests the highest culinary experience of traditional Slovenian cuisine. With decades of experience we offer our guests the highest culinary experience of traditional Slovenian cuisine You will feel right at home the moment you enter our restaurant.

The oldest testimonies from 1848 state that on the premises of the current restaurant, there was a haulage or carriage drivers inn. The plan to build the Southern railway was born around 1842 and during that time there were a lot of engineers gathering near Kopač, studying the terrain for the construction of the railway. Legendary tale says that the landlord of Pr’Kopač was afraid that the railway would take away his profits so he shouted “We will have to work as diggers now!”. This has slowly evolved into becoming the house name for Kopač which stands for “digger” in Slovene.

His fears didn't come true and the restaurant still stands to this day. What was left behind is the name “Kopač”. če bi se lahko za trenutek popeljali v čas furmanov, bi opazili, da gostje niso izbirali.

In the past, there was only 1 dish on the menu. But that didn’t stop the travellers from near and far lands because the food was so delicious that tables were always full.

“Pr’Kopač” restaurant is still family-run and each generation adds something new to the heritage. The restaurant became famous with the fried chicken, hot stews and blood sausage with sauerkraut to the point of becoming legendary.





Indoor spaces


Indoor spaces

“Pr’Kopač” is a family-run restaurant with a more than 150 year long tradition of offering a traditional cuisine of the highest quality. Our wine cellar offers a wide variety of quality open and bottled wines. All of our desserts are handcrafted in-house from the highest quality ingredients.

As many of our guests say, at “Pr’Kopač” there is always that nostalgic smell of traditional home-cooking. Our restaurant is based on the gastronomic heritage that was passed down from generation to generation while keeping the traditional ways modern. K nam se gostje odpravijo s posebnim namenom. Delicious meals in a relaxed environment, where you will feel at ease and where our professional waiters will treat you with respect and clas.

Pleasant service, reasonable prices and nothing short of divine food is the reason why so many guests return to us. Our house specialties include stews such as barley and bean stew with smoked ham, roast pork, beef salad, Wiener Schnitzel and stuffed veal breast. In the winter, we offer many types of sausages and in the summer you have to try our stuffed-peppers and pumpkins. Besides the traditional Slovenian food we also offer many varieties of healthy vegetable side dishes and other low-fat foods. Pri mizi se dan začne in konča.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
from 10:00 to 22:00

Monday - Friday
from 06:00 to 22:00

Saturday - Sunday:
Only caffeteria is opened.
from 07:00 to 12:00

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